Wednesday, January 19, 2011

End Course Project 13: How to start the game

In order to start a game, the user must follow a certain protocol so as to make everything work properly. To make it easier, make sure to proceed as follow in the right order:

·         Start the android phones video application, note the address:port information and place them accordingly on the right units;
·         Start the bricks (every single brick should be in “Waiting for PC” mode);
·         Set the settings (on the file) in order to ensure connectivity (video, Bluetooth, client-server communication)
·         Start the server (
·         As soon as the server machine displays the window “Waiting for client”, start the client (
·         From then on, everything should be working by itself. Every player should have a GUI on his screen within few seconds and wait for the game to start. In order to start, the server has to settle everything and as soon as it’s done, a window is displayed on the computer side so as to start the game;
·         Click on “Start Game” and enjoy.

You might experience a few problems starting the game. In order not to lose time if you want to fix the problems, try to use every device on a local network, make sure to have a suitable port and try to run the application without firewall (it saved us a couple of times).

The next step in our development of the program would be to make an easier interface, something more user-friendly if we want the game to be more “commercially” attractive.

For the time being, the communication between all the different features works as the scheme shows us on the picture below.

Sequence diagram of the game

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